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Swiss Financial Engineering AG (SFE AG), Switzerland

Ana Lucia Lind, is an International Banker, financial advisor, asset and wealth manager and strategic advisor to Government. Mrs. Lind is highly recognized as a leader and expert in finance on the international market. She builds the bridge between emerging markets and the global developed markets. With her years of experience in the international banking and financing industry she has advised governments and corporations on infrastructures financing and development, market direct investment, portfolio and capital structure, fund raising, refinancing and restructuring across the debt, creating value through pioneering innovative solutions. She has advised on diverse portfolios of deals and developments worth over USD 60 Billions. Globally She is been known as the Iron Lady in finance due to her high quotes of successful transactions and working together with government and corporation in the emerging markets, making the raise for those countries and companies.


She is a fully committed philanthropist taking care of over more than 7.000 children’s through the world. Mrs. Lind has worked in leadership positions at UBS Bank Switzerland and Germany, Julius Baer Bank, Metzler Bank Frankfurt-ˇ Germany and Co-ˇFounded Swiss Capital Engineering AG Zurich Switzerland, before founding Swiss Financial Engineering AG.

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