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Deputy Technical Director

CTCPM, Ministry of Mines, Democratic Republic of Congo

Dr Dieudonné-Louis Tambwe holds a PhD from the Ecole Centrale Paris in Chemistry & Process Engineering and has years of academic experience, currently holding a position of Professor of Chemistry and Extractive Metallurgy at the Université Pédagogique Nationale at Kinshasa, DR Congo.


He has been extensively involved in R&D in the fields of solution chemistry, process chemistry analysis and extractive metallurgy, design and development of clean hydrometallurgical processes, the effective treatments for industrial off-streams and solid wastes in order to recycle metal valuables and produce final residues that are more safely disposable. He has published a number of technical papers in the area of mineral beneficiation and process optimization.


Since 2005 he has been with the Ministry of Mines, holding a number of positions including overseeing mining litigation and the fight against minerals smuggling, as well as the geological and technical evaluation of mining projects. He is currently Deputy Technical Director of the Technical Mining Coordination and Planning Unit (CTCPM) and as such has been actively involved in the reviewing of the mining contracts and revising the DRC Mining Code.

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