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Ex-NUKEM Technologies Engineering Services GmbH, Germany

Dr. Hagen Gunther Jung has graduated as a geologist and obtained his PhD as an environmental geochemist. Having 15+ years of professional experience he is today free-lancing expert for radioactive waste management and for remediation of radioactively contaminated facilities and sites.Dr. Jung is a fellow of the IAEA Uranium Mining and Remediation Exchange Group (UMREG).


One of his main achievements is having adapted nuclear technologies proven in nuclear energy to the field of mining - either for uranium, REE or other commodities, where Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM) present a challenge.


Formerly, Dr. Jung has worked for the German geological survey in monitoring and remediation of a closed uranium mine in Kyrgyzstan (Former Soviet Union). Since then he understands that operational mines need lasting solutions enabling them to prevent from future legacies.