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Christian Vartyan

Head of Commodities

Swiss and Global Asset Management

Christian Vartyan has more than 20 years of professional experience in the field of real-world investment banking. After his master's degree in business administration, he worked as a specialist for the implementation of entire industrial plants and thus worked as a consultant to private and public companies in the fields of energy infrastructure, real estate and power plant projects, including the Austrian Electricity Company or the Gaz de France. In all of this, he worked closely with US investment banks.


During his real-world investment activity, he had participated almost exclusively in projects that enabled refinanceable cash flow chains and hardly needed any equity. After Lehman Brothers, he resigned from this activity and has since turned to holding, weighing and hedgeing of precious metals.


The respective performance of the partition of gold, silver, platinum and palladium has been used since 1. January 2010 publicly proven and verifiable in weekly publications. 1 cooperative and Co. Aktiengesellschaft with a significant portfolio in the field of physical precious metals including ongoing weighting (and hedge protection if necessary) and 1 public limited company in the field of shares (standard and commodity shares) and FOREX are managed. Public limited companies with stock exchange capacity are the preferred type of vessel, as they are flexible and exclusively their own direct access without custodian banks. Such are used for larger investors or Investor groups designed exactly as needed. In addition, a real-time data feed is operated.


In addition, Christian Vartyan became Head of Commodity of the Swiss asset management GIP AG in 2012.

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