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Theresa Mashonga

Founder and CEO


Mrs. Theresa ‘s was born in Africa within the community of mining and agriculture industry . She lives in United Kingdom and travels between Africa  and potential global investors  marketing business opportunities . She studied in Africa and United United Kingdom as a graduate in degree .i.e.  Bachelors’ degrees in Education, Design Technology and quality assurance  levels. She is an diagnostics, planner, expert for Africas’ economical needs.


Hence, Mrs. Theresa  delivers /facilitates  implementations  and services to empower and educate economic global technological and systems changes .She guides, advices, manage, evaluate systems and controls for African Entrepreneurs as well as come up with an economic tailor made model to economic changes. Mrs. Theresa delivers strategic structures for  business improvement ,safety, enforces high support by sourcing resources to ensure production is  valuable and benefit the African country’s economy.


Mrs. Theresa networks to engage African entrepreneurs and investors using effective  balanced models that  benefits collaboratively both investors ,partnerships and involved countries. Listed are some of the African countries focused aimed for development : Zimbabwe ,Zambia Democratic Republic of Congo(DRC)Liberia, Ghana, Sierra Leonne, South Sudan and Botswana. Africa’s needs are within the industry: Minin- e.g. Gold, Lithium, copper, manganese, gemstones-diamonds, oil & gas, energy, agriculture and infrastructures.


Business networking and sharing skills ,knowledge and expertise is a global economic advancements for  global poverty eradication.

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